Welcome to #yoga – June 21st International Yoga Day

Celebrate Yoga Day 2016

For the upcoming  International Yoga day  June 21, 2016  updated fully our app ‘Yoga Poses Yoga Asanas Daily’ for every yoga studio in Android play stores . It is aimed at serving the ever-growing yoga practicing community.

More than 102 yoga poses,yoga asanas,yoga exercises,yoga for beginners.

Soon to be updated iyengar yoga and  vinyasa yoga simplified.

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Yoga Poses Yoga Asanas App


Yogapage2Garudasana yoga pose

Yoga actually dates back to 4000 years as practiced by venerable rishis in India. Today #yoga is practiced by approximately 6 million people and this number is consistently growing. June 21 is International Yoga Day.

People practice yoga exercises as a way to relieve stress. This app will prove to be extremely beneficial as well as relaxing.

Yoga is practiced for healthy living, to increase the life span, so that he or she can realize their goals and ambitions.

This app offers a scientific approach to understanding the practice of yoga through colorful illustrations of major poses in beginners and advanced modes with full description of practice and benefits This app main purpose is to serve as companion to beginners as well as practitioners.

Please note that all poses have to be performed only under guidance of a yoga teacher in person. Contact us any time for personal sessions in Chennai, India.

Key features:

Yoga asanas involve a lot of Sanskrit terms. Here we have a searchable list with meanings of Sanskrit terms and their English equivalents of asanas and also philosophy.

For example, ‘Adho mukha svanasana’ is the rather quaint ‘downward facing dog’ pose. ‘Upavistha konasana’ is the quainter wide angled seated forward bend.

Other terms include stuff like ‘Jivan-mukti’ or the state of liberation! Or ‘maya’ the illusive power of the world. Of course many are now familiar ‘English’ words like mantra, guru, mudra etc.

Daily 45 minutes performing the various poses after 15 minutes of thorough warm up exercises from head to toe helps anyone relax, feel at peace and understand the connection between mind and self? Particularly Surya namaskar is highly productive in efficacy.

This yoga coaching app suitable for all levels, beginners, and advanced, providing about 100 yoga poses exercises, live voice guide(being implemented), soothing music, social community, and more.

It helps to burn fat, and to lose weight

Most convenient home exercises, not only nourishes your health but also spares you all the tiresome workouts and help you achieve fitness goals with yoga studio on the go.

Yoga has high efficacy for fitness, weight loss, strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, menstruation, etc.

See our post  yoga for weight loss, yoga poses.

For every Asana, following details are included:
Other names, description/ procedure, benefits

All mentioned exercises are to be done daily around 6 a.m.-well that is what we do.

Despite our best and sincere efforts to put the best possible information, still we advise you to do all these Asanas under a trained Yoga guru.

Contact us any time for personal sessions in Chennai, India.

Website: Yoga Poses Yoga Asanas app download

Email: mktg@webprogr.com

Thank You!!
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